I love physics and investigating the atomic structure and material related properties using Transmission Electron Microscopy. With this page I want to inform about what I do at our group at SINTEF (Materials Physics), and about the possibilities using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

Our group at SINTEF is connected to the Advanced Materials Characterization Laboratory.




In a project at SINTEF we developed a method to produce 3-d imensional nanostructures of silicon and aluminum, particles, nano-wires and nano-tunnels, using a self-organizing process. These structures can potentially be used in solar cells, sensors, batteries, and thermoelectric elements that generate electrical power by heat.

Latest publications from NanoSol:5

Kjeldstad, T., Thøgersen, A., Nilsen, O., Monakhov, E. and Galeckas, A. Controllable template approach for ZnO nanowire growth.Phys. Status Solidi A, 214: n/a, 1600480 (2017)

Annett Thøgersen, Marit Stange, Ingvild J. T. Jensen, Arne Røyset, Alexander Ulyashin and Spyros Diplas.  Structure and optical properties of aSiAl and aSiAlHx magnetron sputtered thin films. APL Materials, 4, 036103 (2016)